manypkgs is a package from the qData ecosystem. It provides contributors the necessary tools to put their data in the hands of users. The package includes many functions to make this easier, including functions to help set up a package, import their existing data, and export them in structures consistent with the rest of the data ecosystem. This facilitates the interoperability, contrast, and comparison of data. There is a specific coding system that should be followed by contributors. For more details, please see the vignette.

Downloading and installing manypkgs

The development version of the package manypkgs can be downloaded from GitHub.

# install.packages("remotes")

Cheat Sheet

Our ecosystem of packages

The qData ecosystem aimed at collecting, connecting and correcting network data across issue-domains of global governance. The qData::get_packages() function can be used to discover the packages from our ecosystem currently available.

# remotes::install_github("globalgov/qData")

Please see the website for more information about how to use manypkgs as a developer or as a data contributor. For more information on {qData}, please see the website.