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manyhealth 0.2.0



  • Closed #14 by adding GHS (short for Global Health System) dataset by Hoffman and Cole (2018) in the organisations database
  • Closed #15 by adding HUGGO dataset, based on a consolidated version of the GHHR and WHO datasets in the agreements database.
  • Closed #16 by adding contributions to the HUGGO dataset, including the addition and verification of metadata (Title and dates – Beg, Signature, Force, and End – variables) and sources/url links of treaty texts.
  • Removed texts database. Treaty texts are in the process of being incorporated into the agreements database in the HUGGO dataset. This release excludes the treaty texts as they are being formatted and stored as .txt files to facilitate future use.

manyhealth 0.1.1



  • Added a vignette to present data package


  • Closed #5 by web scraping agreements data
  • Closed #6 by web scraping WHO agreements data

Created texts database * Added treaty texts from WHO by web scraping data * Added treaty texts from GHHR by web scraping data

Created references database * Added GHHR_REF dataset by hand-coding “cites” relationships between treaty texts

manyhealth 0.1.0



  • Renamed package from qHealth to manyhealth
  • Fixed #3 by changing the logo and updated references from qData to manydata


  • Closed #2 by creating the actors database with the CHATHAM dataset