Coerce to

These functions construct and/or coerce dates to the mdate class:

new_messydate() validate_messydate() NA_mdate_

A flexible date class for messy dates

as_messydate() make_messydate()

Coercion from regular date classes to mdate

on_or_before() on_or_after() as_approximate() as_uncertain()

Annotates dates as censored, uncertain, or approximate

Coerce from

These functions coerce dates from the mdate class into a single Date:

as.Date(<mdate>) as.POSIXct(<mdate>) as.POSIXlt(<mdate>)

Coercion from messy dates

min(<mdate>) max(<mdate>) median(<mdate>) mean(<mdate>) modal() random()

Resolves messy dates into a single value


These functions expand or contract objects of mdate class from/into a list:


Expand messy dates to lists of dates


Contract lists of dates into messy dates


These methods help operate on objects of the mdate class:

`+`(<mdate>) `-`(<mdate>)

Arithmetic operations for messydates

md_intersect() md_union() md_multiset()

Set operations for messy dates


Logical tests on messy dates

is_messydate() is_intersecting() is_element() is_similar() is_precise() is_uncertain() is_approximate()

Logical tests on messy dates

year() month() day() precision()

Extracting components from messy dates


Working with ‘messy’ data:


Data report for datasets with 'mdate' variables


Dates of battles in 2001